Dolores Tuna has been the leader and most recognized brand of tuna in the Mexican Market for over 50 years. Consumers find in Dolores Tuna a firm texture, light color and low fat content, resulting in a great flavor that distinguishes it from other brands. U.S. consumers of Mexican and non-Mexican decent choose Dolores Tuna over others brands because of its superior quality and delicious flavor. (Click for more)

The year was 1887, when the French entrepreneur Mr. Clemente Jacques®, after importing and commercializing items of diverse natures such as the classic Mexican lottery game, poker cards, grains, seeds, and canned foods, decided to establish the first food canning plant in Mexico. By doing this, he became a pioneer in the industry of shelf stable food products in all of Latin America with products such as delicious jalapeño peppers, prepared with his unique recipe. Once he succeeded with this first project, Mr. Clemente Jacques began producing a great variety of canned foods, such as fruits, pâté, olives, salsas, vegetables, tuna and many more. This philosophy of development, innovation and young thinking has stayed with the company throughout the years and is very much alive. This is evident as Clemente Jacques® strives in Mexico, a country renowned for its high quality, delicious gastronomic traditions. In 2002, Clemente Jacques® joined the SABORMEX® family, a family owned Mexican group. SABORMEX® is among the top companies in Mexico, dedicated to the production and sale of food products and coffee. (Click for more)

Café Legal® was founded in 1964 and has always been made using the finest coffee beans from Mexico. Café Legal preferred brand among its consumers because of it’s unique aroma and taste. Café Legal’s quality, flavor, value and presentation, has made it one of the most popular instant coffee brands in Mexico. Simply add the desired amount to hot water or milk. It is the most convenient way to enjoy great coffee! (Click for more)

Café Mexicano is a blend of selected arabica beans from the finest coffee producing regions of Mexico, who’s combination of delicate aromas, intense flavor and abundant body, translate into an irresistible invitation to your feelings! (Click for more)

Founded in 1986, Sonric’s is the best known and consumed candy brand in Mexico. Sonric's is part of the PepsiCo Group, which is formed by leading companies in their field. ROCKALETA: its delicious taste and innovative concept has conquered the preference of the U.S. market, which will take it to the leadership position in sales soon. Rockaleta is a guaranteed sales success, as it is the strongest selling lollipop in the in Mexico with its unique combination or multiple colors and flavors of sweetness & chili with a mango-flavored gum center, exciting the senses! (Click for more)

Lorena® is the marketleader in push-up candies and is the most recognized brand in the Mexican sweet and spices category. Because of its top sales and leading brand awareness, Hershey purchased Lorena to complemeat their existing line. The leading brands making up this division are: PELON PELO RICO: Spicy tamarind pulp. Consumers push the container base upward to get strings of spicy tamarind pulp that come out through perforations at the top of the container. PICOSITOS: Powder candy consumed by itself or sprinkled on fruit or snacks. (Click for more)

Veladora Mexico is a 100% Mexican company and largest Mexican manufacturer of religious candles. For over 40 years, Veladora Mexico has proudly been the leader, not only in sales, but most importantly in quality. With a monthly production capacity of over 5 million cases, Veladora Mexico not only consistently satisfies its current client needs, but is very well positioned to service the growing US Hispanic market demand as well. (Click for more)

Wet Line Xtreme Gel is the fastest selling styling gel brand in the U.S. Xtreme Styling Gel has 2 product lines: Xtreme Professional and Xtreme Reaction that can be used by every family member. Xtreme Styling Gel enjoys widespread U.S. distribution in most mayor drug, mass and grocery retailers. (Click for more)



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Masterfully selecting the best coffee beans and toasting them to perfection is Oro® Instant Coffee’s commitment, which we have been doing for over 40 years. Taste the bold flavor and full aroma of Oro® Instant Coffee today and prepare yourself for a golden experience! Simply add the desired amount to hot water or milk. It is the most convenient way to enjoy great coffee! (Click for more)

Café Garat is a blend of selected arabica beans from the finest coffee producing regions of Mexico. This excellent gourmet coffee boasts the perfect balance between taste, aroma, acidity, body and aftertaste. This balance is diffcult to find in any other coffee. Everything about Café Garat captures the traditional and the innovative. From our coffee bean selection and expert toasting, to our innovative in valve packaging, which assures the freshness and just ground taste of Café Garat. (Click for more)

Zumbapica is a 100% Mexican Company founded in 1992, responsible for launching the top selling tamarind spoon candy in Mexico as well as in the U.S.A.! (Click for more)

Gustinos is the brand of pasta for snacks made by ALIMENTOS EXTRUIDOS, S.A. DE C.V., a company 100% Mexican, established in 1976. A pioneer and leader in the manufacture of the highest quality flour pellets . Gustinos backs this great quality with more than 35 years of experience and the constant modernization of its equipment and production processes that have led it to obtain the leadership in the national market and to enter the international markets with great success. The quality of the Gustinos products is endorsed, certified and approved by the principal international organizations that guarantee the freshness and quality of their pasta for snacks. (Click for more)

With over 60 years of experience, Lirio® Bar Soap is manufactured using highest quality processes and has been distributed in the US Market for more than 20 years. (Click for more)

Tajin® is the leading Fruit Seasoning in Mexico and in the US. Ideal for Fruits & Veggies! 100% natural! A perfect blend made from a select combination of world-class Mexican chilies, lime juice and sea salt, TAJÍN® Clásico Seasoning adds the perfect balance of ZING to enhance the flavor of fruits, vegetables, drinks or any food! Tajin® is sprinkled in varying amounts onto produce, beverages and whatever compliment the natural flavor and provide an exhilarating boost. In the Produce Department adjancent to tropical and citrus fruit, and helps increase sales and interest to entires category. Tajín® is also placed in bowls of fresh cut fruit with 0.2 oz. packets. (Click for more)

La Sierra® beans was the first brand to offer canned beans in Mexico. It has the widest range of bean products, including refried beans, flavored refried beans, delicious whole beans and our succulent incredible Charro beans! La Sierra® is proud to offer a healthy alternative. La Sierra’s products are lard and preservative free. La Sierra beans are also an excellent source of fiber, protein and iron! Beans also help lower your cholesterol help maintain your heart healthy! La Sierra® goes to great lengths to comply with the highest quality standards for the most demanding consumer, packing only ingredients of the highest quality. (Click for more)

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