The year was 1887, when the French entrepreneur Mr. Clemente Jacques®, after importing and commercializing items of diverse natures such as the classic Mexican lottery game, poker cards, grains, seeds, and canned foods, decided to establish the first food canning plant in Mexico. By doing this, he became a pioneer in the industry of shelf stable food products in all of Latin America with products such as delicious jalapeño peppers, prepared with his unique recipe. Once he succeeded with this first project, Mr. Clemente Jacques began producing a great variety of canned foods, such as fruits, pâté, olives, salsas, vegetables, tuna and many more. This philosophy of development, innovation and young thinking has stayed with the company throughout the years and is very much alive. This is evident as Clemente Jacques® strives in Mexico, a country renowned for its high quality, delicious gastronomic traditions. In 2002, Clemente Jacques® joined the SABORMEX® family, a family owned Mexican group. SABORMEX® is among the top companies in Mexico, dedicated to the production and sale of food products and coffee.